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February 25, 2012
  Another cool little feature
In the spirit of more frequent blogging, I thought I would just mention a cool little addition that has gone in since the last release notes (and is available for clients in the most recent build). That is a "quantity" feature in admin event registrations. This won't mean much to non-clients, but for those currently doing event registrations from the admin side, it may be a big help. In our initial implementation of the admin event registration process, we didn't include the ability to change the number of tickets per registration. Now you can do that with no problem (just like on the front end).


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February 15, 2012
  Announcing CE Release 7.1
We're excited to formally announce CE Version 7.1. You can see the release notes at You can see the 7.1 release notes specifically here.

This release has been rolling out over time in a series of builds, so many clients already have many of the features documented here. However, these notes provide a comprehensive overview of all the features that have come out since the last release. There is a lot in there so feel free to follow up with questions or comments. You can contact us at the "Contact" link above.

While we haven't used this blog extensively in the past, we're hoping to post more regular updates on new features as well as highlighting a few of the features in version 7.1 and other cool stuff.


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