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Welcome to the CLEO Diversity in Legal Education Blog! On this site we will talk about the reality of a prelaw education, the programs that CLEO sponsors, and the challenges and triumphs you encounter as you diversify the legal field. CLEO staff and colleagues will share practical insights and discuss how to become a competitive law school applicant.

Most importantly, this blog will give voice to our valuable assets...CLEO participants like you!

On this Blog you will:
1. get advice from current CLEO Scholars
2. learn about the CLEO Scholars Program, A.S.A.P., Sophomore Summer Institute, and CLEO Connection
3. share your profound moments

The CLEO Diversity in Legal Education Blog is an open space for us to talk about our experiences, to plan our next steps, and to support one another. The road to law school is rigorous, but as students, advisors, and professionals we can reach our goal.

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  CLEO Blog - ASAP
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July 29, 2011

the cleo program has been so wonderful I have learned so much about law school and about lawyers and about the process as well as what it takes. Im so motivated after this program to go off and do great and wonderful things. Im motivated to work harder than I ever have before to reach my goal. I also met some great people here and I learned so much from them because alot of thestudents are so on top of their stuff and this program showed me that even though I thought I had my stuff together other people do too so I have to really do as much as I can.Also our closing reception was wonderful very nice motivational speeches and Ms. Shante martin was so much help with alll her advice and I will definetly plan to contact her if I have any questions.  the reception was beautiful Im so grateful for this experience I am thankful for every individual that made this experience possible and I will definetly share with others how great it has been I hope this program continues to be sucessful and helps out even more students. Thanks again to all that has been involved I look forward to working with cleo in the future.

    Posted By: aanakara @ 07/29/2011 11:00 PM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

December 17, 2010
  Personal Statements

I still can't believe that I've finished the LSAT. It seems like I've been thinking about it forever. Having been a part of SSI 09, it makes me proud to see that I haven't lost the ideals I left with. I wanted to make a good score and I achieved that. I still have a lot left over to do from creating an acceptable resume to recommendation letters. However, one of my greatest worries is my personal statement. How does one incorporate all of their feelings in such a little thing? How do I explain who I am and why I'm worthy of admission in so few words? For all my friends from the Houston SSI 09 who are wondering the same thing, I realized that we're all clearly worthy candidates. There's no reason for any excessive ornamentation. If we weren't truly passionate about law school, we would never have gone to the SSI program. For those of us who attended the JASD intensives, we never would have if we weren't clearly passionate about our future in the legal profession. It's because of programs like SSI and JASD as well as the CLEO Blog, that I have the chance to express my sincerity towards the legal profession. I still haven't written a decent personal statement, but I know that being part of CLEO has given me the opportunities I need to write a simple statement which clearly outlines who I am and more importantly, who I can be.


    Posted By: bbzachariah @ 12/17/2010 11:40 PM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

May 5, 2010

Does anyone know any free services that would edit your personal stament and give key advice?

    Posted By: Waller85 @ 05/05/2010 09:34 PM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

August 5, 2009
  Achieving Success in the Application Process

Edited: 08/05/2009 at 11:42 AM by matthewniziol

    Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 11:32 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

  ASAP: Let Me Tell You Something...
I have already shared all of ASAP with friends and fellow pre-law students. I have told friends how I am lucky to be a part of the CLEO family and how it has improved me, not only as a law school applicant, but as a future attorney.

  • The Mock Admissions Committee gave me, and now my fellow pre-law classmates, an insight as to how admissions committee will look at our every application.

  • The Financial Management aspect of ASAP has shown me, and my friends, that law school is an expensive process that requires a lot of thinking over and analyzing.
  • The Law School Forum provided me with lots of materials that I have shared with classmates about schools out of state, and what specific kind of law some schools focus on.

  • Posted by: Christian Mendoza

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 09:00 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

      ASAP: So Much To Choose From
    1. What is the most useful aspect/part of ASAP?

    It seems almost unfair to have to pick one most useful aspect of ASAP, since all of the parts were incredibly useful. From me having the realization, thanks to the Financial Management part of the program, that law school is an investment that will allow me to be an attorney for the rest of my life, to the Student Panel Discussion where I could talk to those who have been recently accepted to law school, ASAP has provided me with the tools to choose the law school that suits me best.

    However, since I have to choose one part, then I would choose the Mini Law School Forum. This Mini Law School Forum gave me the opportunity to meet with specific law schools representatives and ask them about their school. Also, I was able to be provided with Application Waivers to schools that I would not other wise had applied to.

    Posted by: Christian Mendoza

    Edited: 08/05/2009 at 10:31 AM by matthewniziol

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 08:56 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

      Networking, Finances, Personal Statements: ASAP Had It All
    1. What is the most useful aspect/part of ASAP?

    The networking aspect, whether it is the prospective law school students, the AIE law school students or the deans/faculty. Receiving input from the freshly accepted law school students as well as from the deans of law school gave me a better perspective on the whole application process itself.

    Talking/sharing advice with peers in the same boat as me, was a great "energy booster" (for example there was a positive competitive energy rather than just stress)

    2. What do you consider to be the most important part of ASAP, and how will you put it to work when you leave?

        1. Financial Aid workshop and
        2. Personal Statement/Personal Element of Application

    Cost of the school is very important to me in deciding where I should go. The instructor for that workshop was very helpful in pinpointing what aspects to not overlook (ie. remember to factor in transportation when visiting school--every cent counts!) He and other instructors recommended making a spreadsheet of the different schools I will be applying to, so Ii can clearly see an estimation of this "investment".

    As for the personal element of my law school applications, the most important advice I took from our three presenters is to try to tell as much about yourself as possible in the most concise way. Meaning, try to spread your information about you through your: transcript, resume, addendum. personal statement, letters of rec. so the admissions people can have a clear understanding of you and your desire to attend law school

    4. What would you have never known/done if you had not attended ASAP?

    Personal statements do have weight in an application (I was under the impression that LSATs and GPA were the only factors); you can write an outline for your professor for your letter of rec; and you can explain any discrepency in an addendum.

    Posted by: Nancy Lam

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 08:53 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

      Looking For Answers? Look No Further Than ASAP
    1. The most useful aspect of the ASAP program are the three days you spend with the law school admission deans.

    I felt that this was the most fulfilling aspect because the time that you spend with them, you begin to understand what they go through, and what not to do in the process for applying for law school. I also felt a connection to the great advice that they were giving, there was no beating around the bush, and it was strictly business.

    I especially loved their "get it done" style that it very similar to Ms. Cevallos style on persistence and punctuality. The connection to these same people who intake your application was the greatest experience.

    2. I believe that the most important part of the ASAP program was to learn to follow directions.

    Essentially, this is the most vital aspect in life! To follow directions: intake all the information, and then create your analogy for response. I will employ this in my work, school, and understanding my child.

    3. What part of ASAP will I share with friends? Every part.

    I feel that every person who is considering law school, or even applying to undergrad universities should know this information. Many of the tools that were taught at the program can be used in applying to undergrad schools as well as law schools. I will share this experience with my peers.

    4. I would never have known the thought process of the admissions office of any law school, if I had not come to ASAP.

    Although there were a handful of admission deans from great schools, I feel that the information they distributed is similar in applying to all schools. There was a key word that the deans used as they described situations and answered questions: "it depends!" This is why it is very crucial that anyone and everyone follow the detail of the directions given, and make sure to overlook nothing.

    Posted by: George Geiger

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 08:42 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

      What I Learned That You Need to Know
    What is the most useful aspect/part of ASAP?

    ASAP has been more enriching than I ever could have imagined. The time we spent with our law school admissions committee panel was invaluable. ASAP has helped me come up with my plan of action, and (through) its consistent emphasis on preparation. I have learned that a good applicant prepares herself for nothing but success.

    What part of the ASAP program are you going to share with a friend or fellow pre-law student?

    At ASAP, I learned how to select schools not by their rankings, but by my needs and interests instead. I think that a lot of students give priority to a school's prestige even when that school is absolutely wrong for them. I will most certainly share the tactics that I have learned regarding school selection with other students at my university.

    Posted by: Katarina Karac

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 08:37 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

      What I Know Now, That I Didn't Know Then!
    Had I not attended ASAP, I would not know how to phrase questions in order to get those questions answered completely.

    When speaking with the admission's staff, it is crucial to phrase questions wisely because every school will try to make their program look fantastic. Too much is at stake when it comes to choosing the right law school. I deserve to have all of my questions answered, and so I will not be shy about asking direct questions.

    Posted by: Katarina Karac

    Edited: 08/05/2009 at 09:01 AM by matthewniziol

        Posted By: matthewniziol @ 08/05/2009 08:20 AM     ASAP     Comments (0)  

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