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 CLEO Blog - Law School Admissions: An Uphill Run
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December 2, 2012
  Law School Admissions: An Uphill Run

The race has started . . . the runners are hitting their stride . . . are you leading the pack or are you still tying your running shoes?  Most of the 200 ABA Approved Law Schools have begun accepting and reviewing applications.  Does your application have what it takes to be a winner?

The law school admissions marathon started on September 1st, but you've been training for months.  Your workout included writing and rewriting your personal statement, the mini-marathon called LSAT, and gathering your cheering squad through Letters of Recommendation.  You still have hills still to climb, but an acceptance letter will be your reward for crossing the finish line.

Let's look at the ground you covered so far.  You have your LSAT scores (or you will soon if you took the December 1st exam) and you compared your scores to the profile of your top 5 schools.  A quick check of your competitiveness can be done by using the LSAC's LSAT search engine.

Next let's check your vitals . . . do you have what it takes to go the distance?  Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, and your Application.

               Click here for the Personal Statement blog post.

               Click here for the L.O.R. blog post.

               Click here for more application information

If you prepared well and practiced hard the next few months will be like running downhill.  If you got off to a shaky start, or if you need coaching and encouragement along the way; then CLEO's got your back with CLEO Connection, College Scholars, and ASAP!

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    Posted By: matthewniziol @ 12/02/2012 09:05 PM     Prelaw Advising  

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