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 CLEO Blog - Work It Out! CLEO's 90-Day LSAT Regime
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March 21, 2012
  Work It Out! CLEO's 90-Day LSAT Regime
ARE YOU FIT ENOUGH FOR THE LSAT? Do you have the endurance for a 3 ½ hour test? Can you do more than 100 reps of multiple choice questions? Do you know how to start an LSAT "work-out"? It's time to whip your LSAT score into shape and Coach CLEO's got your plan!
First and foremost . . . the LSAT is a big deal. Law Schools have only two standardized measures with which to compare students - LSAT and GPA. Your workout goal is to master the questions and score as close to 180 and as far from 120 as possible.

Get started by learning what LSAT muscles you need to flex. Read sample questions & explanations to learn how to solve each question so that when the particulars change your strategy does not.

Plan to Study as much as you Practice. An LSAT workout needs 1.5 hours of study and 1 hour of practice repeated 3 times a week for a good start. You'll need to step-up the intensity and frequency of your work-out as the LSAT gets closer. Here is your 4-week workout regime!

* 4-Weeks in May - Now you need to repeat the LSAT training program for speed and accuracy. Each week in May you should increase the number of questions you complete correctly!

Finally, seek experts to coach you. You do not need to train alone. CLEO is an excellent resource for LSAT questions and answers. You can also search online for the Test Preparation program that is right for you.

In the D.C. area, Griffon Prep has a trusted reputation when working with under-represented students. Their website is a treasure chest of LSAT Prep information including:
      1. 5 Tiny Mistakes in LSAT Games that can Cost Big Points
      2. Sample Logic Game with timer
      3. A Few Ideas for Dealing with Test Anxiety

*THE WORK-IT BONUS ROUND! CLEO has 5 more LSAT questions and their answers for you online. (Answers are at the bottom right of the answer page).

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    Posted By: matthewniziol @ 03/21/2012 01:08 PM     Prelaw Advising  

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